Achieve effortless docking and superior control with our state-of-the-art bow and stern thrusters, designed to enhance your boating experience with unmatched precision and reliability. 

A range of thrusters with DC, brushless DC-AC, triphase AC and hydraulic motors. From 30kgf upto 1400kgf, analog or digitally controlled, every model can be proportional, even the smaller ones, to assure the best performance with no compromise


Designed for the most demanding yachtsman, 
developed together with boatbuilders.
QS Seamaster has developed a complete and advanced line of DC, brushless, AC and hydraulic electric thrusters, thanks to a thirty-years’ experience in supply, assistance, distribution and design of
products and systems in the marine business. 

QS Seamaster offers a complete range of bow and stern thrusters featured by high performance and maximum reliability in any condition, representing the most advanced products available on the market.

Built and designed entirely in Italy, the product range includes 30 to 1400 Kgf models for boats and yachts up to 220ft.

QS Seamaster thrusters are available in DC, AC, brushless DC-AC or hydraulic version, for tunnel installation. They are also available in DC version or hydraulic for retractable models.
Built and designed entirely in Italy

Technical features

• High efficiency and powerful motors

• Ignition Protected version available (up to 80Kgf)

• Elastic joint with an exclusive design 

• Bronze gear leg designed by Quick with a special hydrodynamic profile

• Low maintenance: gear leg guaranteed against oil leaking

• Easily replaceable aluminum anodic protection

• 4 and 5 blade propellers designed specifically to ensure maximum performance and efficiency from each motor. 
Propellers made of special composite or in NiBrAl. All double propellers are counterrotating.

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